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Custom Framing

Whether you’re a keen historian, a lifelong sports fan, or a music memorabilia collector, you want to know that your collection is safely protected and will withstand the test of time. Here at Millionaire Gallery, we design and build our collector’s displays with exactly that goal in mind. Your memorabilia will be preserved forever in an attractive, custom-made frame.


Conserved with the finest materials

Our expertise covers every aspect of constructing and caring for collectibles. For prints and photographs, that starts with the materials of the collector’s items themselves. Our exclusive prints and photographs are printed on acid-free paper, made to museum standards of quality. It’s exactly the same as the material designed and used by conservation professionals in archives and museums.



The perfect frame for your memorabilia

Next, the frames. Whether your chosen memorabilia features photographs, concert posters, signed photographs, autographs, film prop replicas or album covers – Millionaire Gallery will find the perfect setting to make them shine. Professional conservation-level glass and framing protect the contents of your collector’s display. And we make sure that the framing style suits your memorabilia, from elegant, dark-wood frames to a modern, lighter style or magnificent gilt detailing.


An artistic experience

We don’t present our collector’s items in isolation. Instead, we aim to provide you with an experience that makes you feel truly close to the past. Our artistic frames include informative plaques, quotations from great figures in history, and historically appropriate details. These preserve your items in context. You’ll receive an attractive, striking display to hang in your collection.

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