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It all started with baseball, collecting baseball cards, to be exact.  My Brother Charles and I collected baseball cards as kids.  Being from New York, the Yankees were de rigueur, of course.  After moving to Miami in 1957, our grandfather continued the tradition by sending us wax boxes.  Time went on and I left collecting behind for a bit, my brother kept up our tradition, and from time to time would invite me to go to a show.  I don’t know how many times I turned him down, but eventually, I gave in and went to one with him to a Sports Collectibles Show in Miami.  Just like that, I was transported back to our childhood and all of the joyful hours we spent collecting cards together.  I was back, and it was a good thing.  This childhood passion fueled an adult quest to be the best, to have quality baseball card collections, and to share them with everyone.


It did not take long before I realized that people were overwhelmed for connection with something greater than themselves, the past, the greats in sports and entertainment history.  I still loved baseball cards, and I decided to branch out into more signature art displays of famous icons, something that people who love the unique and special can hang on their walls and tell stories about.  Everywhere I went, the reception was incredible.  There was a definite “Wow! factor” with my framed Art displays that included amazing photographs and signatures.


I traveled and participated in several Trade Shows, Charity Events and more.  I worked extensively around the country, set up my art display, and magic happened.  It did not matter what the major product of the exhibition including technology, electronics and vintage car.  Collectors wanted the distinctive art displays that I had and made it a point to tell me that my booth display was the highlight of the show!  One of the best contacts was at a trade show where I met a representative from Harrods Department Store in London.


I knew that people loved the products, and I was still blown away when Harrods contacted me to carry the Millionaire Gallery line in one store!  Others soon followed, such as Harvey Nichols Department Stores in Dubai offering a location!  What interested them as much as the product was my passion, a passion that drives me to this day to research, acquire, and authenticate some of the most rare and unique memorabilia treasures in the world.  Millionaire gallery is now represented in Miami, Key West, London, Switzerland, Dubai, Hong Kong, South Korea and Prague.


We are excited to have recently launched our “Rock Lives On” line of music authenticated art displays.  Everyone is inspired by music, everybody can relate to music.  Music is literally the soundtrack of our lives, and this collectible art is some of the most inspiring and emotional for people.  Music connects us to our past, romances and childhood hopes and dreams.  Music energizes people and inspires them to dance, makes your heart sing, it brings back memories of what they were doing the first time they heard an artist, or a particular song and lyrics.  It transports us back to our first dance, and passions that we had then and now.


When people ask why I do this, I tell them that I am always driven to be more creative, to show the world that this is the place that they want to visit first, and it shows.

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