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Item Number:M34830
8 U.S. Presidents -Signed Engravings with used Presidential Podi
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  • Featuring eight exceedingly rare official presidential engravings from the United States Bureau of Engraving hand signed by the last eight Presidents of the United States – Richard M. Nixon (37th),Gerald Ford (38th), Jimmy Carter (39th), Ronald Reagan (40th), George H.W. Bush (41st), Bill Clinton (42nd), George W.Bush (43rd), and Barack Obama (44th). 
  • Each signed during their presidency with exception to George Bush who hand signed and dated on June 4, 1994.
  • Framed with an original Presidential podium seal used during the presidency of Richard M. Nixon, hand carved from mahogany.
  • This display has been archivally designed and preserved using 100% acid-free materials and 99% UV TruVu plexi-glass.
  • Quality Framed as shown with plaques, ornate matting, the Presidential seal, White House and Capital Building original photographs.
  • Frame Size:  213 X 97 cm.
  • Forensically Examined and Certified Authentic.

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