What Makes Us Different

Millionaire gallery: different from all the rest.

A combined 35 years’ service in the business and inner-circle industry knowledge help Millionaire Gallery stand apart. Our uniquely handcrafted pieces have their own personality and we stand by our product satisfaction guarantee.

At Millionaire Gallery it has always been our dream to create lasting memories. Our goal is to make sure you enjoy every piece you bring home for years to come.

For the more than 30 years that we have delivered reliable prints, paintings, art, and figures, the one constant has been the positive impression we leave on each person who visits. We have a trusted reputation as an industry leader, and our products are inspected and validated for the highest level in quality.

We have sold thousands of products during our 35 years and the trust our clients have in us is what sets us apart from all others. Our unique approach and style have earned Millionaire Gallery the top slot in the memorabilia arena.

When people ask why I do this, I tell them that I am always driven to be more creative, to show the world that this is the place that they want to visit first, and it shows.

Bruce Mathews, Owner

"You can't change history, but, with Millionaire Gallery, you can own a piece of it."

What Other Say About Us

  •   Found this place on the northwest end of Duval Street. One of Gene Simmons' base guitars caught my eye sitting in the window, Some awesome stuff on display! Nirvana, U2, ZZ Top,...you name it. I would go back to spend some more time looking!

    thumb Tom K

      Very easily accessible place and a fun way to spend a few minutes. A lot of cool memorabilia. A lot of KISS, some Prince, MJ, Nirvana and some rock posters.

    thumb angelmusicmaven

      The place is good for music fans/ rock fans. There are possesions or autographs of famous musucians. If you want, you can also buy something. It is a good experience, I recommend! 🙂

    thumb Petya V
  •   I'm not a huge art fan, but the paintings of Marilyn Monroe made me want to come inside from Duvall Street. All of the paintings were good, some really good, but I ended up buying one of Bob Marley, of all things. But it spoke...More

    thumb cdhale1

      Great central location in Duval Street. Real interesting gallery full of amazing memorabilia for music lovers. Everything from Beatles' outfits to Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page's guitar etc. You can easily spend an hour here just watching all those interesting items, but you have to win...More

    thumb Halkidis

      If you are interested in the unique this is the place to visit. They have many piece showcasing movie stars and rock stars. Very pricey.

    thumb Truckie351
  •   Mostly all of the art is dealing with music. Some Beatles outfits, signed guitars, and signed albums with pictures of the musicians. This is a nice place to visit and take in a little history in the music world.

    thumb Lisa N

      they have the greatest photos etc its a must see i am very sorry i did not purchase what i saw will return soon

    thumb JUDITHATomsriver

      I am always impressed at the creativity of people. The sculptures in this gallery are amazing as are the paintings etc.

    thumb sd0706