Why is Authentication Important?

At Millionaire Gallery, we are fortunate to have quality relationships with recognized authentication experts. When you purchase memorabilia from any of our showrooms around the world you have our guarantee of authenticity.

Memorabilia: More Than Value

We know there are many good reasons to invest in collector’s items. Perhaps you’re looking for something with unique sentimental value, trying to preserve valued memories or celebrating someone you admire. Perhaps you see your collection as a financial investment, or an inheritance for your children. Whatever your motivation, you want the same quality guarantee to protect your collection. The priceless value of our special collections relies on dependable authenticity. That is why we have dedicated experts and procedures to make sure each item in our showrooms is guaranteed 100% authentic.

Our Professional Experts

Millionaire Gallery works with a range of experts, including those from the world of antiquities and auction houses. We maintain a special relationship with James Spence Authentication (JSA), a leading autograph authentication service.

We benefit from JSA’s decades of experience. JSA uses a database of almost 700,000 files to guarantee authentication. Every autograph we evaluate is checked against this database. Authentication experts also regularly visit auctions, trade shows and conventions to stay informed of new developments in memorabilia and art trade.

How Authentication Works


We will always be able to provide authentication documents for our collector’s items and displays, either from our own experts or guaranteed by a third party. Additionally, your collector’s display will usually carry elements to show its authenticity to the world.


Our artistic collector’s displays are carefully designed and built with the finest materials and conservation expertise. They also generally include discreet plaques describing the contents of your display, with “added value” elements such as quotations or life-dates of famous figures.


Photographs in our limited original ranges are hand-titled and hand-numbered. This means that you know exactly how many items were in the original run of photographs, and where yours fits in the collection. This serves as an extra guarantee of authenticity and unique value.

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