Happy Birthday To Harry Dean Stanton

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Today, July 14th we are celebrating the anniversary of Harry Dean Stanton, an extraordinary actor whose career spanned more than six decades – and a considerable number of films. His face was familiar to millions from box office hits such as Cool Hand Luke, Alien, Repo Man, and Pretty in Pink. He was also famed for his role as an FBI agent in the second part of the iconic Godfather trilogy, appearing alongside actors including Al Pacino, Diane Keaton and Robert de Niro.

Millionaire Gallery is proud to present this elegant collector’s item, representing the sleek style and sinister glamour of the famous Godfather films. Shown here in a discreet black and gilt-edged frame is an original movie poster for the Godfather, with its instantly recognizable monochrome “puppet strings” design.

A roll call of famous film names appears: Marlon Brando, James Caan, Robert Duvall and others, however, the crowning glory of this movie memento is an authentic signature of Al Pacino, and, witnessed in person by the PSA/DNA. Two black and white portraits recall iconic faces and scenes from the film, and a small plaque carries one of the most famous lines spoken by Pacino himself as Michael Corleone.

This witnessed and certified collectible is currently available as an exclusive to Millionaire Gallery and its partners. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a part of the old Hollywood glamour.