Remembering Hollywood Romance

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All the world loves a lover – and some lovers are more famous than others. Today at Millionaire Gallery, we’re looking back in time to the Golden Age of Hollywood, when romance and adventure glowed on cinema screens as never before.

Clark Gable was one of the greatest stars of all: the original cinematic heartthrob. He surely wasn’t a stranger to romance – or tragedy – in real life. On this day in 1955, Clark Gable married his fourth wife, Kay, and (according to some friends) finally found peace. They would go on to have one son together, tragically born, just after Gable’s unexpected death in 1960.

With this collector’s item, we revisit Clark Gable’s greatest, most romantic and most tragic roles as Rhett Butler in Margaret Mitchell’s American Epic, Gone With The Wind. A magnificent original film poster, in the old Hollywood style, is enclosed within an elegant gold frame – just the kind of grand style that would have delighted the infamous Scarlett O´Hara, played in the film by Vivian Leigh.

Against the backdrop of the burning South, the two stars are shown in a classic pose that will be instantly recognized by fans of the movie. Other scenes from the film are shown in miniature, including a dashing military horseback charge. The poster mentions Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard and Olivia de Havilland, amongst other Hollywood greats.

This memento is complemented by the hand-written signatures of both Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable, with explanatory plaques. The collectible has been witnessed, examined and certified as fully authentic by Millionaire Gallery experts.